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Custom clear bag

  • Transparent vacuum bag

    Transparent vacuum bag

    Suitable for most vacuuming machines on the market such as: Magic Vac in Europe, Wolfgang-Parker in the United States, FoodSaver, VacMaster, Smarty Seal in Germany, Alpina in Italy, and Dr. Aperts.
    If you do not buy it for your own use, but have your own brand, we can also print your LOGO and customize the size of the embossed bag for you. (Embossed tube film can be customized width, each roll length is about 15 meters)

  • Embossed vacuum bag of Food grade materials

    Embossed vacuum bag of Food grade materials

    The lines are clear and smooth, reducing the pumping time, the pumping is cleaner, and the gas can be discharged through the lines that extend in all directions. Embossed surface adopts PE + PA seven-layer co-extrusion (using square pattern, full-width microporous film, no dead angle for air extraction), smooth surface adopts PE + PA composite process (high transparency, safe material use, high-end and stylish)

  • Oven Bag Supports Various Styles

    Oven Bag Supports Various Styles

    Our oven bag is made of food-grade high-temperature-resistant PET film, which does not contain plasticizers, and meets food-grade packaging standards. It can withstand high temperatures of 220 degrees and high-temperature time up to about 1 hour. Odor, baked goods can be bread cakes, poultry, beef, roast chicken, etc. Oven bags have passed FDA, SGS and EU food safety standards testing.