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ECO friendly packaging bag

  • Biodegradable roll bag

    Biodegradable roll bag

    About our product:Sunkeycn Packaging is an enterprise with 20 years of production experience. Over the years, it has provided reliable packaging solutions for 10,000+ enterprises. Biodegradable packaging is a good channel to solve waste plastic packaging. It uses degradable polymer materials to improve The packaging decomposes the plastic into carbon dioxide and water by composting or biodegradation, which is finally absorbed by the soil to complete the biological cycle.

  • Home compostable shopping bags

    Home compostable shopping bags

    It is a biodegradable polymer combined with plant starch and other polymer materials. Under commercial composting conditions, it will be decomposed into carbon dioxide, water and small pieces less than 2CM in 180 days.

  • ECO friendly kraft paper packaging bag

    ECO friendly kraft paper packaging bag

    At present, the packaging bags that are widely used are all non-recyclable and non-degradable, and a lot of use will have an impact on the earth’s natural environment. However, as an important part of life, packaging bags are difficult to be replaced, so degradable and recyclable environmentally friendly packaging was invented.

  • ECO friendly packaging bag

    ECO friendly packaging bag

    Ordinary ECO friendly packaging bag does not have many functions such as barrier performance, load-bearing performance, etc. Due to its material characteristics, not only printing, not beautiful, but also the form of the bag is relatively simple, can only be made into the most common bag.