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In order to ensure proper sealing effect, the material needs to consume a special amount of heat. In some traditional bag making machines, the sealing shaft will stop in the sealing position during sealing. The speed of the unsealed part will be adjusted according to the machine speed. Intermittent movement causes huge stress in mechanical system and motor, which will shorten its service life. On other non-traditional bag making machines, the temperature of the sealing head is adjusted whenever the machine speed changes. At higher speeds, the time required for sealing is shorter, so the temperature increases; At lower speeds, the temperature decreases because the seal lasts longer. At the newly set speed, the delay of sealing head temperature adjustment will have a negative impact on the running time of the machine, resulting in the non guarantee of sealing quality during temperature change.

In short, the seal shaft needs to operate at different speeds. In the sealing part, the speed of the shaft is determined by the sealing time; In the unsealed working part, the speed of the shaft is determined by the running speed of the machine. Advanced cam configuration is adopted to ensure smooth speed switching and significantly reduce the stress on the system. In order to generate the advanced cam configuration required for the control of the sealing part (reciprocating motion) according to the machine speed and running time, additional commands are used. AOI is used to calculate the sealing parameters of virtual host such as sealing angle and next section rate. This in turn prompted another AOI to use these parameters to calculate the cam configuration.

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Post time: Aug-10-2021